Tuesday, October 4, 2011

We heard about this show in Stanfield with only a couple weeks to prepare and we went for it anyway. These girls hosted a really nice weekend. We have our foot in the door of the "vintage junking" business. We hope to take this far and have our own show here some day.

Our first venture out to a show was a huge success. It was great!

Oh my goodness, these fountain pumps were the hit of the show on Saturday.

Isn't this lamp shabby chic cute! Sandra made it and so many people loved it but no one splurged and bought it at this sale. Didn't want it to go to cheap so it can be admired at another show.

Here's another crafty creation from Sandra.

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  1. I obviously have to learn more about blogging. I hate all the huge gaps and spaces between photos and journaling.