Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Boo to You

We've not had a sale before the Halloween holiday before so this is kind of exciting to see what I can come up with for our Shabulous show in October.  These blocks were a fun project last December with a christmas theme so why not try some other words to fit this holiday.

I love old postcards and for some reason Halloween cards are the most expensive at the antique shows.  Real vintage ones anyway.  These small reproductions are just as cute and much more affordable.

I found both these frames at Goodwill.  They were the perfect size to showcase the small pictures.  Notice in this one the reflection of my dish towel curtains.  They are really cute, just right for the building and the red stripe is a match for my huge red  cabinet at the end of the room.  I keep placing my display furniture in there and rearranging it to see what all can fit.  Gareld ran electricity to the shack and is going to add four outlets so I can't crowd it up too much yet or he will have to move everything to get his project done.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Like mother like daughter

My daughter Riley was watching HGTV with me this weekend and caught the junking bug. She wanted to go check out a salvage pile I go to every once in awhile, eventhough she's been there with me several times. She just wasn't interested before. She also wanted to build a headboard she had seen on pinterest. Yes! First we assembled our tools and supplies.

The table we worked on is one I built from reclaimed wood salvaged off the same pile she wanted to go to, as well as from some old fencing I got from my parents place in Union. We measured, cut and nailed.

Then she wanted to paint it! NO! You don't paint over the beautiful salvaged wood. What's the point of using slavaged wood? But she has an aqua thing going on right now, so I talked her into dry brush painting.

If you have to paint salvaged wood, I like this painted effect. Next we took it into her room and attached it to the wall.

Not too shabby! I know my oldest daughter wants a queen sized headboard made from reclaimed wood so this was good practice. And I got to pass on some skills to my youngest daughter. Shabulous!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

HOT July Giveaway!

It's HOT HOT HOT! So it's time for some COOL giveaways. Welcome to the second Sister Shic giveaway. Here is a peak at what you could win:

Altered clipboards are all the rage right now. I am so far ahead of the trend I have had one on which I have hung inspiration for years. This one has a pretty snowflake to help us think cool thoughts. The one you win may not be exactly like this one as each one is individual and we sell at several sales.

You can also win one of these:

A burlap bag and twine bulletin board, another great way to post some inspiration and/or memorabilia. So remember, to enter become a follower of this blog, or if you are already a follower post a comment on the blog. You can also enter again by posting a comment on our facebook page about your favorite yardsale, junking, flea market or thrift store find. And lastly, share a sister shic post with your facebook friends. Easy peasy!

We will announce the winners on July 24th! Good luck!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Now there's the spirit of the day.  I don't have and 4th of July Decorations.  I guess I need to work on that.  It is a great holiday and it needs to be represented.  Next week at Expo I'll start looking.  I do think I have an old postcard or two, I think I'll go find them before the day is over.

Happy Independence Day

Monday, July 2, 2012

Pickin' and Grinnin'

I was in a pickin' mood today so I went to a few of my favorite haunts (i.e. junk piles) and scored!

I found a few of these bike rims, some are sufficiently rusty and some need some rusting, but they are great inspiration boards, and I've even seen one used as a Rustic Christmas Wreath.

Look for them at our Sister Shic Shabulous Sale in October.

I also found another one of these. I've had one that is more square and green, and found one exactly like this today. Look for them as well at our Shabulous Sale.

I've got several rusting projects to do, so I'll post on my process and progress when I do.