Saturday, March 24, 2012


I have been waiting for something cute to come along to use on a couple pickets I have. I had them on the dog fence at the spruce street house and they were shabby chic. I was sure to take them when we moved. I will have them at the spring show. Someone may have just the spot in their garden for one. I'm also making pillows and painting the screen I found a few weeks ago.

On the Front End

A couple of months ago we moved into what we like to refer to as our little cottage. I have been experimenting with decorating and am of course leaning towards all things rustic and my favorite mediums are burlap, old books, anything rusty and white or creme, and the like.

As we get settled in on the inside, our front door remains bare, and I've been thinking of what kind of wreath I want to be our 'inaugural' wreath. I'm really liking the one you see above. Probably wouldn't use the leaves cause it gives it an autumn feeling, but I really like this one! I'll show and tell what I finally end up doing. Warning, our door is not as fabulous as this one for our backdrop!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Craft Day

I thought I had better get busy making items for the upcoming season. I started painting a bench so while I had the paint out I got some frames out too. With a little help I had the finished items you see above all ready for the next show.

Gotta love those helping hands.

Lexy saw something like this on Pinterest. I had seen them at the Camas Antique Mall. I whipped these up on Saturday. The paper flowers are fun to make. I'll be doing more. It's quite nice to spend the day on crafting.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Friday, March 9, 2012

Yard Sale Season Has Begun

I went to work at 5:00 this morning which means lunch was at 9. Just in time to get up to a rummage sale at the Catholic church. It started at nine so parking was a nightmare and there were people shoulder to shoulder. I managed to scoot around the room and found a few items then beat feet out of there. I drove over to one on Walnut that said "furniture and vintage" in the ad put it had opened at 8:00 so I didn't hold out high hopes of finding anything. I got 4 table cloths, a platter and this little drop leaf table. Two guys who came in right after me wanted it but it was sold! Not bad for the first weekend of sales. There was another one I skipped. Had to get back to work.

I wanted these pine cones because they are hard to find. The bead wreath is pretty in pink and white. The basket was just holding the pine cones. I got a stack of table cloths, some at each sale. The round platter is heavy and simple. I scored for a first time out.

This is a little cabinet I picked up at the People Helping People Thrift Store while I was waiting for my window to be fixed. What will it be when it has a makeover. A couple drawers are missing but I can get Gareld to put shelves in there. It could be a great counter for the store with storage for change, bags, tissue and tags. What do you think?

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tart Tins

Look at this jackpot of tart tins I got at the antique show in Portland last weekend. It was $10.50 for all 55 of them. That's 19 cents each. What a bargain. I usually think 50 cents is a good buy. I have hundreds of them now. Some day they will be put to good use and when that happens we won't have near enough.