Sunday, November 13, 2011

My "Craft" Room

Here's how my earlier project turned out. It is in the room all filled up. This room is small but very welcoming and fun to be in. I've already been busy in here. The computer is also in this room so I am in here a lot. I love my space.

I'm always buying dressers. In fact we just brought one back from the coast. We bought our Dodge Journey so we would have room to haul dressers. We managed to SQUEEZE one in our Neon backseat on a previous trip so that was the requirement for a new had to be able to hold a dresser. Anyway this old one is in my craft room. I wanted storage other that totes and boxes. I have this one and another one in the closet. Then there is a third one in the closet of the spare bedroom for all my scrapbooking things.

This is my steamer trunk. I found it at a yard sale in La Grande a couple summers ago. I was hoping to make it fit somewhere and in order to do that it ended up on it's side. It makes for a great platform to hold other pretty things.

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