Sunday, January 1, 2012

Tree Themes

What's left of this year's tree. Red, white and green. I really liked this tree for the first one in our new house. I have been lazy in my theme choices. Well maybe not lazy, just practical. I have been using what I have on hand. I used to plan the theme a year ahead and pick things up all year for it. Pretty soon you end up with too much stuff so I have been trying to mix it up with what I have. I decided to choose something now for next Christmas and see what happens throughout the year. The next tree will be Burlap, Blues and Bling. I got some burlap garland and ribbon on my trip to Tri-cities (on sale of course) so I am off to a good start.

Nativity Tree 1998. I had a good collection of nativity sets and ornaments the kids had made in primary. I always save my cards from year to year and after awhile there are quite a few in any category. I punched holes in them and hung them on the tree, too. I repeated this tree the next year at the church display of nativities for the public to view during an open house.

Snowman Tree. When the kids were little they started skiing lessons up at Anthony Lake. They were always in the snow so it seemed like a fun tree to do for them. I bought some cute fabric that was full of snowmen. I ironed on some stiffener and cut out all the little guys and hung them on the tree. I had a few stuffed snowmen and a couple ornaments and that was it.

Part of my run on color scheme trees. This one of white, silver and green was especially good looking. Again I could use cookie cutters, and kitchen items plus the green balls and white birds and snowflakes. I like this one and could do it again.

Patriotic Tree 2005. With Brandon in Iraq I decided to do a red, white and blue tree. I painted some flags, bought some white stars and used anything of those colors I had to fill it up. I also used blue lights mixed in with the white. It was a beautiful tree and so was the one I did a couple years later when he was back on tour.

Old Fashioned Kitchen Tree 2000. I didn't have to buy anything for this tree. I used a lot of my cookie cutters, jello molds and pot holders. It was a cute non-christmasy tree.

This is the Victorian Tree. I even try to decorate the bottom of the tree and wrap the packages to match.

Victorian Tree 1999. I have so many small antiques and vintage things in the house it was easy to pull enough together to fill this tree. It was tall and thin and one of the prettiest trees I have done. It's really been a nice tradition.

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