Friday, May 25, 2012

Paper or Pinterest?

I have an old ledger that I put ideas in, torn out magazine pages of things I want to do or make or remember. I use the ledger pages to write things I want to do, ideas I have, my bucket list, etc. Here's a picture of the beauty.

And lately I have discovered Pinterest. I was a slow learner, but now I'm almost addicted. I can get on Pinterest and go from post to post to post, check out the blogs of people who have posted, etc. Oh my. What I love about Pinterest is being able to gather all the things I want to remember onto one site. Much easier than trying to keep pages from falling out of the ledger. But I'll still keep and use the ledger, if for no other reason than because I love paper!

I was in a crafting mood today so decided to put together an idea I saw on Pinterest. I had everything I needed, frames, paint, burlap, buttons and glue. And they turned out just as cute as the one I pinned.

They'll be hanging on my wall until the sale in October.
Speaking of sale, you should see my back yard. Oh the projects I have going out there! I'll have to give you some sneak peeks. But that will be another day....

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