Saturday, June 23, 2012

A hunting we will go.

I sure enjoy a good day of yard sale hunting.  I had a couple hours this morning after I got off work at 7 am and before I picked up my painters at 9.  Gareld met me at the parking lot and we took off to some great estate sales.  I got aprons for 25 cents, a cookie jar for 50 cents, the cute brown table for $2 and I already have a coat of paint on it.  I got some cowboy boots for $2. Clipboard, rulers, buttons, funnel, silver fork, cutting board and rolling pin for next to nothing.

All 19 of these little loaf pans for just $2 were crying out for BoBo Dean's baking yumminess.

I love a good sturdy drop leaf table.  This is already chippy white.  Gareld and I had a drop leaf when we were first married.  We had it many years.  I miss that little table.

This box of hundreds of tags was only 50 cents.  They are all red and will come in real handy for a lot of things.

This little boy and girl will look sweet in someone's garden.  What a successful hunting trip.

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